Pal is a speculative design proposal that allows users to access information from their social media websites to give them the information they otherwise would have to manually sift through.

Wexel provides flexibility in medical appointment bookings by alerting caregivers about openings due to last minute cancellations. 

The project that couldn't move forward.


Design a tool that could allow users to catch up on old friends, stay updated, and filter their connections based on certain parameters so they could find people for specific purposes.


Use a conversational interface to accomplish your task.

The proposed design uses Google's DialogFlow as a conceptual framework to define interactions.

Defining Terms.

To make sense of actions that needed to be built, I decided to first define specific terms for myself. 



The person using the application.



The person(s) whom the user is referring to while talking to the system.

Point of Contact.

This is an entity a user has shared with the individual.

Point of Contact |

Longer Point of Contact.

If the user and the individual have more than one point of contact, the longer point of contact is the point of contact that the user and the individual have had in common for a longer period. 

Longer Point of contact.

Confirmation Prompt.

The user may only refer to an individual by his/her first name or last name. If the user has two individuals in his contact list that have the same first or last name, we run a confirmation prompt.


Contextual Prompt.

Imagine a user uses a name for an individual that matches with several other individuals the user knows. A contextual prompt will be required to drill down on whom the user is talking about.

contextual prompt

Defining Entities.

The system will have to retrieve data from the user’s social media feed in order to summarize the information to be given to the user entirely. For this task, here is a list of the required information.

defining entities
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