Hi! I'm Sakshat. I like designing the way people experience and interact with products.

I'm currently a UX Designer at Cisco via Intelligaia. Over the past few years, I've...

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...designed a mobile app, Wexel, to help Premera BlueCross provide flexibility in medical appointment bookings for informal caregivers.

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...worked with Intel to design a desktop feature, Chiron, for Windows 10 to imagine a new way for self-employed workers to manage their digital activities.


...landed my first client, Surgemonks, after deciding to switch from architecture.


...been awarded by Microsoft's Hacking STEM team for designing a classroom learning activity, Trebuchet Trials, that cost ~$4 per student.

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...helped turn a business, Hivado, into a brand.

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...developed a visual strategy for Arterior and its line of products.

Before  being a Designer, I spent six years studying and practicing architecture.

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I worked with cross-functional teams of architects, designers, engineers, consultants, fabricators, and artisans, to design and execute projects...

...and learned to design with an agenda for the future while working within a strict set of constraints.

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I like having a multi-faceted approach to design, which includes speculating on how a product fits into the broader landscape of a user's ecosystem and an organization's business goals, to designing the fine details of interactions and transitions. I work at the intersection of brand identity and user experience. I draw on my experiences as an observer, researcher, designer, artist, and a craftsman to deliver rich, meaningful, and user-friendly experiences.

I'm currently pursuing a masters in human-computer interaction and design. 

I worked as an interdisciplinary designer for 2 years both as a contractor and a part-time freelancer. I was involved in varying roles, working at the intersection of user experience and brand identity. 

I started off as an architect working at different firms across the country where I excelled at creating new experiences using existing design systems. 

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